CEO Search Update

As publicly elected officials, it is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to oversee the process and make the final decision on the next President and CEO of the Omaha Public Power District.

We knew this was going to be a very important hire, and we wanted to ensure we considered ALL candidates – both internal and external. 

We hired a utility industry leading firm of Mycoff, Fry and Prouse to manage the search process so we get the most qualified candidates. The firm told the Board that getting the best candidates to apply meant guaranteeing confidentiality during the process.

We also wanted to get input from key members of the public, so we asked key elected officials, business and union leaders what traits and capabilities they expected in the next OPPD CEO.

On January 29, 2015, OPPD’s Board of Directors “tabled” the vote to announce OPPD’s next President and CEO so the Board could review the situation and determine the best course of action going forward.

The Board followed the advice of the recruiting firm and legal counsel and felt the original process was appropriate and necessary in order to ensure confidentiality for the candidates. However, to put to rest any potential concerns and provide greater transparency with the public, the Board decided to restart the CEO selection process beginning in February. The job description was posted on OPPD's open positions page on its website from February 6 to February 13, 2015.

You can view the updated written process here and follow along every step of the way. Please use this site to provide us your feedback. Details of the various phases will be updated as they become available.

We look forward to your participation.

Thank you,
Anne McGuire, OPPD Board of Directors Chair