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Customers Spoke, OPPD Listened 


OPPD’s process for supplying your electricity will be getting cleaner in the next couple of years, thanks to the input many of you supplied. Customer opinions have led OPPD to a dramatic change in how it will generate electricity in the future.

When OPPD started evaluating options for future energy generation, the Board of Directors said it wanted to know what customers thought. After all, OPPD’s customers are its owners.

Through a several month process, OPPD reached out to customers in public meetings, focus groups and a quantitative survey. Through the process, we narrowed a wide variety of options to five, each of which improved air emissions with affordable cost increases.

Those options were presented to the OPPD Board of Directors in May. The board asked managers to include the latest information on how to help customers reduce their use of electricity, especially at peak times.

OPPD managers then combined that information into three options and recommended one that will cut emission levels on various chemicals and gases by up to 85 percent. After studying the options, the board told management to proceed on that recommendation at its June 19, 2014 public meeting.

The measure will allow the utility to comply with government regulations to reduce future greenhouse gas emissions at its existing power plants while preserving the district’s ability to service customer demand for electricity in the future.

Following the plan, OPPD will shut down three of the five units at its North Omaha Station in 2016 and put stronger emissions controls on the other two units. Then, in 2023, OPPD will quit burning coal altogether in Omaha. Also in 2016, stronger emissions controls will be installed on Nebraska City Station’s older coal unit. It will also enact new energy-efficiency programs for customers and programs to reduce power usage. This reduction will cut OPPD’s need to generate power at key times by 300 megawatts, or 300 million watts.

It’s a comprehensive plan that, combined with additional wind energy already contracted for in the next few years, means the electricity OPPD customers use will continue to get cleaner and cleaner.

Review our Q&A to learn more about OPPD’s future generation plan.

Want to learn more about what we heard during the stakeholder process? You can review the Phase 3 meeting materials using the links below.

Meeting Materials

Introduction & Background

Future Research Options

Market Research

Next Steps


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