6 Proposed Programs for energy-efficiency & management

An important part of OPPD’s major change in how it provides affordable, reliable and environmentally sensitive energy to you is in making homes and businesses more energy-efficient and cutting their need for electricity at peak times by 300 megawatts.

OPPD is now considering six programs, residential and commercial that will assist in this area and we want to know what you think.

Residential programs

For residential customers, these include rebates to help pay to make homes more energy-efficient, Residential Efficient Heating & Cooling, expanding an existing program to make neighborhood air conditioners work better together, AC Management Program (ACMP), and a special program for Income Qualified residential customers.

Residential Efficient Heating & Cooling
Residential AC Management Program Expanded
Residential Income Qualified

Commercial Programs

For business customers, these include a business version of the AC Management Program, plus since businesses can be very different in their energy use, a Prescriptive Program and a Custom Program.

Small Business AC Management Plan
Business Prescriptive Program
Business Custom Program